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Roommate tips

At some point, most of us will be in a situation when we live with another person. Whether that person is a friend, family member  or someone you don’t know all too well, there are important things to remember in order to keep the peace and remain sane. Here, we have numbered ten of the top things to remember to be the best roomie ever:

  1. Communication is KEY. You are adults – not mind readers. If something needs to be said then just go ahead and say it, it will be better in the long run.
  2. Exchange emergency contact information. This one is self explanatory.
  3. Talk about how each of you does things. To some people cleaning the bathroom may be a quick wipe down of counters and that’s it. Others may think it means breaking out the rubber gloves, Scrubbing Bubbles and going to town. It’s good to know these types of things.
  4. Let them know when you will be having guests over. Whether it’s your parents, boyfriend or co-worker, let the roomie(s) know so they can do whatever makes them comfortable when people are in the apartment.
  5. Be aware of your own cleaning habits on a daily basis. By taking a positive lead, it helps relieve any possible tension between you, plus, doing chores together is fun!
  6. Have a “Do Not Want” conversation with your roommate. Many arguments will be avoided if you have a conversation about what you will not accept in your apartment.
  7. Make a roommate agreement pact. Good things like deciding a cleaning schedule and how often it’s okay to have people over can come from something like this.
  8. Remember, not everyone was raised like you. It’s annoying when things aren’t done “your” way but it’s not something you can really get mad at.
  9. It may be hard, but let your roommates know if you are having a tough time or feeling a little bit out of sorts. When we are sensitive to each other’s needs, the house stays peaceful and everyone is taken care of.
  10. Finally – Accept that people are going to live how they want and probably aren’t going to change how they live. It’s easier to acknowledge that than to constantly be annoyed.

Holly Nelson