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Make your apartment feel like Fall

Are you in need of a little inspiration for welcoming the cold fall weather into your apartment? Here are some tips on making your apartment feel more cozy. From pillows and blankets to beverages, check out these these simple tips to get the feel you want for your place.

First, add some throw pillows and blankets to your living room spread – the fluffier the better. Maybe add a cool rack to hang the blankets on. Second, add little baskets to tables around your place. You can put pine cones and apples or whatever you find that you feel says “Autumn” best. Once Thanksgiving is over, you can trade out the pinecones for something more Christmas such as ornaments and pine needles. Finally, an easy trick is to update your bar selection. Trade out summery sips like margaritas and martinis for a selection of fall themed brews and whiskey. Each of these simple tricks will make you feel more cozy and they are all adaptable to your own personal style! Just remember that it’s YOUR place so make it your own.


Holly Nelson