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Prestigious East Side Apartment Living in Wichita, KS

Good neighbor guidelines

Here are a few guidelines for peaceful apartment living:

  1. Be aware of the volume of your TV and stereo.  Do not stomp or slam doors in your unit.
  2. Drive slowly through property;  there are children and pets out and about.  Remember, the speed limit is 5 mph
  3. Do not leave unknown mail in the mailroom.  Bring it to the leasing office instead.
  4. Introduce yourself to new neighbors!  Don’t be shy!
  5. If the carport is not yours, do not park in it.
  6. Be mindful of your parking.  Ensure that people around you can access their vehicles easily.
  7. Pet owners, be sure to pick up after your pets, and keep them on a leash when outside your unit.
  8. Keep balconies and patios clear.  Never leave trash on your balcony or patio.