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Five rules for apartment holiday parties

Rule #1: Maximize People Space

If possible, rearrange your furniture for maximum movement between areas of your apartment, where the festivities are happening. You don’t want a piece of furniture to be the roadblock in the fun.

You want to maximize the amount of space in the room you’re entertaining in. You need less stuff and more places for people to sit or stand comfortably.

Rule #2: There’s a Hot Party; then there’s HOT party!

It gets hot when you have a ton of people in a space. Try to cook things ahead so that the oven isn’t on right before or during your party. Turn your heat down a bit before the party starts. With El Nino heating up Christmas this year, you might also crack a window open here and there.

Rules #3: Designate a Spot for Your Guests’ Stuff

Keep in mind all the things that people bring to a Christmas party. There might be food, presents, and cold weather wraps and purses. Think ahead and prepare places for all these things to be set when guests arrive. Also, don’t insist guests take off their shoes (to minimize clutter).

Rule #4: Limit hgh kopa the Amount of Utensils Needed for Food

Serving hand-held foods can reduce the amount of time and waste involved compared to a sit down meal. If you are green-minded you will be concerned about producing a ton of waste or excess clutter during the party. Buy recycled paper ware, and/or try to find snacks that you just use a napkin for instead of a plate. If you use non-disposable cups, make sure your sink or dishwasher is empty, so things don’t pile up too much on tables.

Rule #5: Spread the Snacks Around

People tend to congregate around food — so at a party, it’s good to spread the snacks out to avoid a bottleneck in your apartment. You can use your kitchen counters, dining room table, mantle place, and coffee table to spread things around a bit.

Whatever you do, have fun, and make the holidays about the people you love!

Holly Nelson

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