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Activities for pets in Wichita

Since the Quarters at Cambridge is a pet friendly community, it’s always nice to know who else in the community loves animals as much as we do. There are many places in Wichita that are animal friendly and we want to share them with you. From restaurants to dog parks to spas, there are plenty of places to take your pet.

First on the list is so close to home, you could walk there. Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is located in Cambridge Market and has some of the best homemade dog treats you can find anywhere! Woof Gang also has a dog spa and washing center.

Second is Fetch Bistro located at 7718 E. 37th St N. Ste. 500. This dog-friendly restaurant is rather new in Wichita but is already a fan favorite. Fetch serves delicious home-style food for humans and yummy dog friendly meals. Whether you dine inside or out, all dogs are welcome.

Third is Central Standard Brewery, located at 156 S. Greenwood. This laidback hangout spot is great to meet with friends (and pups) and have a few beers. They brew a wide range of beverages, have board games food trucks and much more!

Finally, there is a long list of drive-thru treat places to take your pup for a little snack. Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Dairy Queen serve “Pup Cups”. They are little dishes of ice cream with dog treats on top. Starbucks locations offer a “Puppuccino”, which is whipped cream in a small cup and Dunkin’ Donuts offers dog treats as well!