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Prestigious East Side Apartment Living in Wichita, KS

4/28/20 RNW Highly Recommends Quarters —

I can’t imagine a better apartment setting than the Quarters. The grounds are beautiful & kept up impeccably. It’s quiet, serene and feels like a little village rather than a complex. The entire staff, from administration to maintenance workers are efficient, responsive, & kind. We’ve been here 6 months. I was going to wait a year to write my reviews just to live through all the seasons. But we’ve been here through all of winter & into spring (which is glorious) and I think I’ve seen enough.

More regarding the staff. Until the virus happened each apt was going to get a pizza for March Madness. They left Easter candy at our doors. We’re getting geraniums for May Day. And believe it or not, they are doing the delivery for us if we choose to order lunch from the nearby Cambridge Market restaurants during this quarantine time. They are beyond belief. And we are so grateful to them and to be living here during such a time (or any time :).

I really can’t even describe it to you. We have a duck from the little pond that drinks out of our bird bath. We had 25+ wild turkeys that wandered through our front yard one day this winter. If you like peaceful, quiet surroundings, well-kept apartments (interior & exterior) & delightful staff, then you’ve found your home.